Who is Aaron?
Maybe this will answer your questions...

You might ask.. who the heck is this Aaron guy. Well, hopefully this will answer a few of your questions. My most recent academic accomplishment was to finish my Master's Degree in Information Technology from Capella University. I received my undergrad degree from California State University, Chico. I spent two years at Foothill College before transferring to CSUC. Before that I spent four years at Monta Vista High School. I also attended Kennedy Jr. High and Regnart Elementary in Cupertino. In the past I have also attended Topa Topa and Neeta School, Wade Thomas Elementary. While this listing is somewhat exhaustive and boring, you are still reading, so you must be incredibly bored or very interested in me. I've traveled around the world to places such as Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Denmark, England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Austria, Germany, The Bahamas, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Hungary.

I really enjoy travelling and hope to visit many places as time will allow.

I live with my beautiful wife, Christie, and my young children Miles, Grant, and Aster, in Livermore, California, USA. We are the proud "parents" of two dogs and three cats. I have been known to engage in karaoke, badly. I'm a big fan of open source computing, but I profess to be platform and operating system agnostic. I have been known to listen to music without lyrics, to the displeasure of my wife.

I have many interests including:

  • Sharing my thoughts - SPECTROX Blog (somewhat inactive lately)
  • Messing around with electronics and amateur radio.
  • Reconnecting with business associates and classmates (LinkedIN)
  • Photography (Flickr)